Museums in Canada : best deals to get tickets

When you come to Canada, you would like to enjoy your holidays and fully visit the various museums, each one specific and unique, to carry out research and compare everything to be able to visit the maximum of museums without spending much. In addition, do not only consider the price but also the offers included with the price. To help you, here is a list of museums with interesting offers.

Museums you should not miss

Among the places to absolutely see, there are two museums.

  • Canadian War Museum: The place is rich in incomparable artifacts, ongoing exhibitions and places with interactive presentations to get beautiful photographs. For those who enjoy quietness, take a seat in the museum's Memorial Hall and you can take the opportunity to learn more about Canada's military history with a veteran. By choosing this museum, no additional taxes or fees are required. In addition, the rate includes the choice of visiting time, and guided tours.
  • Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology: Discovery is in the forefront. You will discover the formation of hoodo rocks and dinosaur fossils from the Canadian Badlands of Alberta. The spacious outdoors will give you the opportunity to see around and enjoy the paradisiacal views of the Lunar Drumheller and Canyon horseshoe. You will pass by a pedestrian suspension bridge that will take you to the excellent Royal Tyrrell Museum where some dinosaur bones are still visible. A cheap fare will provide a professional guide for each family/group and a bus ride all the way.

Unique and original museums

However, if you are looking for unique addresses with a very original charm, the following museums are tailor-made for you:

  • Bell Island Mining Mine Museum and Underground Tour: With a reasonable price, come down to a depth to admire the real mine. Along the way, you will discover the daily life of the miners, an underground gallery filled with exciting exhibitions and a collection of artifacts. A visit to a place like this one is strongly recommended since with its very attractive price, you have the right to visit almost all the places rich in emotions and anecdotes told by professional guides.
  • Museum of Jewish Montreal: It does not cost much, a real value for money. However it focuses on the entire discovery of this Jewish heritage of Montreal. A guide who has lived part of the history and who is at the heart of this community accompanies you during your visit. The visit is not limited simply to the discovery of the works of the Jews and their religion but also synagogues, hospitals, cultural organizations and schools of their time. The staff is very welcoming and remains at your disposal for further information. In addition, a ticket cancellation is possible 24 hours before the visit.

Finally, do not miss the promotional offers

Canada is rich in museums of all kinds and various options are available to you but the safest way to find a cheap and secure offer is to check with an online travel agency.

By the way, eDreams is one of the best-known travel agencies with immediate answers and various service suggestions, you can learn about it on eDreams offers extend to the discounted ticket offer for visiting museums in Canada, especially for children, and activities are free.

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