Did you know about the Canadian Museums Association ?

Did you know about the Canadian Museums Association ?

The Canadian Museums Association or CMA is the association of Canadian and international museum professionals. The head office is in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. The association has over 2,000 members nationwide.

Every year, members attend conferences and make publications about their work and the services they offer. The Canadian Museums Association works in partnership with museum directors, museums supporters and museums associations across Canada. The partnerships, the publications and the conferences help to fund the Canadian Museums Association.

Who are the CMA members?

CMA aims at advancing the museum sector and ensuring its stability all over Canada. In addition, the Canadian Museums association purports to making its constituency recognized all over the world.

CMA members in turns contribute to the conservation of Canadian cultural heritage. They are concerned with displaying the Canadian cultural heritage and history to the public.

The objective is to impart knowledge about the Canadian cultural heritage and history to the Canadian people and international visitors. The association includes national archives, historic places, galleries (art, fossils, mammals, earth, water, and other), museums (national and non-profit ones), aquariums, zoos, science centers, sports associations, entertainment centers, artists associations, in Canada.

Discover the Canadian museums

Here is a list of 10 museums in Canada. Canadian Museums are located in different parts of Canada from the West to the East. In fact, several interesting museums are open for a visit all over Canada, but here are just some among them. 

  • Canadian Museum of History. It is where you can discover the human history and cultural diversity of Canada. 
  • Canadian Museum of Nature. It is a natural historic site. It is endowed with a wide range of fascinating galleries including galleries for fossils, earth, water, mammals, birds, nature, and more. 
  • Canadian Aviation and Space Museum. This awe-inspiring museum features collections of aircrafts, war trophies and classrooms. 
  • Canadian Museum for Human Rights. It is the best place to know about human rights and to promote mutual respects in people. 
  • Canadian War Museum. It is where you learn more about Canadian history, wars and international interventions in Canada. The museum displays a collection of weapons, guns, tanks and other items. 
  • Canadian Agriculture and Food Museum. It helps you know about farming technology, renewable sources of energy, and food sciences. 
  • Canada Science and Technology Museum. It encompasses a collection of farm equipment, railroad artifacts, and other interesting items. 
  • Royal Canadian Regiment Museum. It contains artifacts related to the Canadian Regiment's activities from the Gold Rush in Yukon to their current work. Historical books and documents are also available. 
  • Canadian Children's Museum. This popular museum is open for mass tourism every year, keeping children and accompanying adults fascinated with its permanent exhibition of intercultural discovery. 
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada. It displays contemporary arts and contemporary culture.

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