Our selection of canadian museums

Our selection of canadian museums

Canada is a popular destination of international tourism thanks to its beautiful natural attractions and cities. But it is also rich in historic sites which serve big treasure troves of Canada history. These include historic cities, old monuments, and museums. Museums are one of the best sites that interest a large number of visitors during their stay in Canada.

Our selection of Canadian museums that you should visit while traveling in Canada

  •  Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa

It is a very interesting museum in Ottawa. The museum aims to help the public and visitors to learn more about the history of science and technology evolution of the country. It also motivates new generation to follow the big steps that the country has achieved for many years. If you want to discover insights about science and technology exploration, don't forget to go to this museum. 

  • Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

One of Canada's best museums, Royal Ontario Museum is recommended to visitors who want to discover international culture, arts and natural history of Canada. The building is built 1912 with fascinating architectures.

It keeps dinosaur bone collection, minerals and meteorites. It also serves as a great resource of knowledge for the Universities of Canada. Consequently, the museum attracts million local and foreigner visitors every year. 

  • Royal BC Museum, Victoria

It is a human history and natural museum. In other words, it keeps archival records, artifacts and natural history specimens. The place looks attractive with the combination of cobble stone streets, totem poles, three galleries and green grass on the outside. This museum deserves many visitors thanks to the best items and other amazing objects that it has kept for many old years. 

  • Canadian War Museum, Ottawa

This museum focuses on the old history of Canada's war. It is a big treasure trove of the difficult moment spent by soldiers and Canadian veteran warriors.

The building is equipped with interesting material related to war like vehicles, uniforms, medals, airplanes and more. The museum's existence aims to make the public understand more about the old history of the country and the evolution of war material. 

  • Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

A museum of good arts, Montreal Museum serves as a big store of international and Canadian's best arts. Many expert ancient artists of Canada and Europe were the biggest resources of the creation of this Museum. The building is full of collection of artefacts and decorative arts which inspire a large number of visitors from many countries.

Traveling to Canada to explore the best of the country

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